Get your Korean journal graded online by a native Korean…


I have discovered an awesome site for Korean students.!  This is a social website like myspace and facebook where you can meet native speakers of any language, submit your Korean journal to native Koreans who will then grade your paper and resubmit it to you.  What a wonderful concept!

You never know till you go!



. . . . .

How many times have you thought of doing something truly different in life, but only to find yourself held back by doubt and uncertainty.  I found myself in that place for a long period of time.  It was fall of 2007 and my best friend from college had graduated and left the country to go and teach English in South Korea.  It was such an exciting idea, to actually go and work overseas.  It must have been an adventure everyday!  Imagine being in a country for a year!  I envied my friend.  I was stuck in school with one more semester before I could graduate.
Two years later, it was summer of 2009.  I had delayed making the decision to go overseas and teach for too long.  I got on the internet, went to an agency and filled out the application, waiting for a reply.  Two nights later, the phone rang….  “hello, is this Jonathan?”. The Filippino accent was intriguing.  I had an interview with a teaching agency over the phone. (many of the agencies are based in the Philippines)  There are multiple agencies online that act as intermediaries finding potential teachers in America in order to gather information about them and market them to schools all over South Korea.

After I had the phone interview with the online agency, I was given instructions about required documents that I would prepare in order to continue the application process.  Documents including: Federal background check, resume, and passport photo, etc.  Originally I applied in October ’09 and finished the application process around January ’10.  But during this process, I was able to speak over the phone with several potential schools and I was provided with photos of the school and the staff.  I was given a few cities in Korea to choose from.  I picked Incheon.  It was a large city just west of Seoul.  Not too far from the action.

The most difficult part was waiting for the documents to process. Other than that, it was an exciting time patently waiting.

When I got on the plane, I couldn’t believe it.  I was actually going to Korea!  For a YEAR!!! What was it going to be like?  How would it change me?

I want to help you if you are in the same place as I was 3 years ago.  In doubt and uncertain.  I never regretted my decision to go to Korea, it was one of the best decisions I ever made.  I learned so much! I grew so much!  I hope to provide the necessary information so that you too can have an experience like mine!!  The biggest hurdle is making the decision to go!  If you have come this far, then lets go all the way!  우리 가자!!

다음에 봐요(see you again),

J, 조나단