How to cut an Asian Pear…

Koreans love to eat fruit after a meal.  It cleans the palate.  Koreans love to fellowship over food and anyway to make the meal longer is better.

Spring is approaching and the fruit markets are starting to pop up.  Get out and go find some delicious fruit!

Today I’m going to show you how to cut an Asian pear.

Start with your standard Asian pear…
First wash the pear under water.

And start by cutting around the top of the pear.
Cut in a spiral direction around the pear
Until you have completely removed all of the skin
Next, remove the top and bottom where the stem is
And cut the pear in half
Now you have two halves
Cut out the middle of the pear

Now cut the pear halves into slices…

Now the pear is ready to be served.
What a delicious Asian pear!