Why Korea?

I started learning the Korean language back in 2008.  I met once a week with a Korean friend to study the basics of the Korean language.  Also, one of my good friends I had gone to college with decided to go and teach English in Korea.  For two years he would call me on the phone and try to talk me into going over to Korea to teach as well.  He would tell about all of his experiences and about the life he was living.  I was envious.  At that time I was pursing a career in accounting cause I had recently graduated from college and that is what reasonable people do.  But as my interest in Korea grew, my desire became unreasonable.  After two years of fighting the desire to go to Korea, I got online and applied for a teaching position in Incheon, South Korea.

After living in Korea for a year and having continued to study the Korean language on my own, I researched schools in Korea where I could formally study Korean.  I had heard a lot about the Korean language program at Sogang University.  So, with some of the money I had earned from teaching, I enrolled at Sogang.

Why am I passionate about Korea?  Some of the deepest passions and motivations cannot be explained.  With that being said: I am an avid lover of all things Korean.  I love Korean food. I love Korean ballads from the 80’s and 90’s.  I love traditional Korean Hanok houses.  I love the passion Koreans have for whatever it is they endeavor in.  I am intrigued by the history of Korea.  And its recent development.  I love Pusan!  I love having cups of hot coffee in paper cups after meals.  I love Jimjil bangs.  I love climbing the mountains in Korea.  I love conversing in Korean with my Korean friends.  I love crossing a bridge through language.  I love showing this people that their culture is important to me.  I could go on.

Through sharing my experiences in Korea, I hope to open a passage way for you into this mysterious culture and bring the beauty and flavor of Korea to your front door.  And to give you a passion for a place that is still so hard for me to explain.  You’ll just have to go and experience it for yourself.

3 thoughts on “Why Korea?

  1. I enjoy your blog and that you are sharing your experiences teaching in Korea. I have taught English in Italy and now in New York and it’s such a rewarding experience. Keep up the great work.

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